Background Checks for Serving Ones

Southeast Young People's Work

Background Checks are now required for all adults attending
6th Grade, JH and HS conferences (but not College)
Background checks are valid for 3 years.
No need to re-apply if you were previously approved.


Each adult who may attend a young people's conference should
visit this website to apply for a background check
at least 2 weeks before their first conference.


Background checks are performed by a private company named "Protect My Ministry," which has no connection to the government. All information will be kept secure and confidential.  Only a few people directly related to the background checks have access to the information. Immigration status will not be checked or reported to anyone. The company will simply look in certain databases for your name(s), address(es), and driver's license (if available).

For more information please see the following websites:

Protect My Ministry

    Company Information

Background Checks

    Why Do Background Checks-

    Volunteer Screening-

    Individual Services-

    Our Reverification Process-

Social security number is not required. If not available, please enter: 111-11-1111.

If you have any questions, please contact Emmanuel Yeow at: